Gözde Plus Beauty Salon is at your service since 2012. Since we established, we have been serving to our dear customers without making concessions to our innovative understandings and quality policy in the sector.


To preserve the current condition and add beauty by offering a more qualified and well service in the light of ever improving technologies and scientific studies without risking the health of our customers and environment.
Gözde Plus Beauty Salon is always ready to accompany you for adding beauty to your beauty with its dynamism constituted with hundreds of members thanks to its specialist personnel and professional team! It will continue to enrich and color you, and to add beauty to your beauty with our different applications with the aim of improving our corporate identity and providing high quality services!


In our beauty salon in Çeşme we offer a “Customer Focused”, precise and high quality service with its training, accumulation of knowledge and business experience in the same sector tracing back to many years.
We constitute a salon ambient where our customers obtain comfort and piece by aiming to reach the consumers, who attach importance to beauty and believe in the benefit of the cosmetic products, through the shortest way and in a correct manner with our personnel being professional, creative, fashion-oriented and trained in our sector where this understanding is adopted.


· We pay attention to human health at the first level bu combining aestethics with healthy life.
· We implement hygiene rules completely.
· We follow technology very closely.
· We have our employed specialists trained consistently.
· We serve with years of experience and quality of a professional team.
· We serve by using the best products of the world.